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Bondy did not downplay what he called the “horrific nature of the crime.”This was domestic violence, Bondy said, and the victims included two children, one asleep in her crib and certainly unable to save herself.Kormendy rescued the tot after he saw Sherri Rueda had escaped.Yet, despite three prior convictions for drunk driving and a daily habit of having four to six beers after work, he denies having an alcohol problem.Bondy said Kormendy can get alcohol counselling in jail.Others “see something in him worth salvaging,” Bondy said of Kormendy, calling him a candidate for rehabilitation.While behind bars awaiting trial and sentencing, Kormendy has been a model prisoner, taking counselling to better himself.

She will never have full use of her hands and feet and will require repeated surgeries to loosen scar tissue as she grows.The house was small and there’s “no doubt” Kormendy would have heard the little girl’s screams of pain.Kormendy, who had a cellphone in his pocket along with the pink Bic lighter he used to start the fire, never called for an ambulance after seeing the little girl’s injuries, the judge noted.Several of the charges were stayed under a legal principal that offenders should not be punished twice for the same act.But Kormendy was also convicted of possession of incendiary materials and arson causing damage to property.

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Sherri Rueda and Kormendy had met through an online dating site.

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