Dating a forgetful guy

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Dating a forgetful guy

Who better to relinquish that p*ssy on other than you?

But you couldn’t possibly stay up to 4am just waiting.

She could take all the cover and all the pillows and you gone make that sh! You don’t wanna wake her up, after she did such a great job. Now ever since she said something you’ve been copping the fade.

That’s what good p*ssy will do to you, have you changing habits and sh! Telling Yo Boys You Staying In All the guys know what’s going down when you stop hitting the streets and the club up like you use to.

You thought about it, because you’re not trying to have another guy double-dipping in that.Have You Sending “I Left the Door Open for You” Texts Every once and awhile your lady friend likes to hit the club with her girls.After a few drinks, numerous arm grabs, and ass shaking she gets out the club horny as f*ck.Every time they hit you, you say “Naw bruh, I think Imma chill with shorty tonite. Have You on the Trying to Find New Moves to Do A woman with good p*ssy will have you wanting to step your d! You surfing the web, looking at Kama Sutra, and even going back to your p0rn stash for sex move references.I’mma get up with ya’ll later.” Soon as ya boys get off the phone they’re like “this n! Good p*ssy will have you buck naked in the bed waiting on yo girl ready to do a new move, she can’t tell if you trying to f*ck or wrestle.7.

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Sleeping However to Make Sure She’s Comfortable She could be laying on your arm, yo sh*t fell asleep hours ago, but you know what? ck since 12am to 2am and three fat nuts later yo d! Sometimes you don’t even want to touch it afterwards.

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  2. She said: "My dad is dead, my mum lives in a shelter with my aunt and there were nine brothers and sisters. One was killed in a shooting." Her remaining family know she lives on the streets selling herself for sex.