Blake mcgrath and mia michaels dating

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Blake mcgrath and mia michaels dating

The performance finale was busy itself, each contestant danced 7 times tonight.So I’ll give my thoughts on the new dances we saw tonight…I’ll discuss what they chose as their favorite in a different post.I can understand the impulse that led to giving Murphy the boot and welcoming Michaels onto the dais.Murphy had gotten a little rote with her shrieks and her various trains and tickets and whatnot, and Michaels is brilliant choreographer with two Emmys to her name and a terrific style that was readily accessible to the general public while still being edgy.That wasn't constructive, informative or educational; it was just straight-up bitchy.And while I won't go so far as to call her a racist, Michaels appears to have a continual problem with otherwise innocuous black male dancers whom she declares to have "an attitude," like Season 3 Danny, Season 5 Brandon, or Season 7 Ade Chike.

They are DATING…which explains their chemistry and why this piece worked well for them.Taylor was the one out of her element and I thought I saw a tiny mistake but I had to hear what Mary had to say.Mary didn’t seem to mind the mistake and Taylor made the hot tamale train.Thankfully they were able to pull off the side by side turns.I think Koine just needed a little bit more power behind her turns to keep up with Taylor.

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