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There’s really nothing new to experience, which means the novelty of a new relationship will wear off in a few weeks.

Can both of you still love each other even after the excitement turns into a seasoned relationship?

Are the differences repairable, and are both of you compatible with each other, especially when you’re considering a long term relationship.

[Read: How to fix a relationship] The novelty of getting back with an ex It’s an exciting thought, getting back with an ex always is.

[Read: The secret law of attraction in love] Speak to your ex Speak to your ex and let them know what you have in mind.

By dating an ex again and falling back in love, you can learn from your past errors and make sure the same mistakes never happen again.

When two exes really love each other and truly understand where they went wrong the first time around, it can actually help build a stronger and happier foundation to a perfect relationship.

You may be tempted to start hugging and kissing each other, with spurts of I-love-you’s and I-miss-you’s, but hold that thought.

It’s the first time both of you have been together since the break up.

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