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Video chat sex no signup or anything

I didn't have a chance to ask myself what was that noise before I heard it again. I was mad but at the same time I was turned on because my dick got hard.

I heard my parents fucking before but I never heard my mom moaning like this.

By the time I stepped into I the living room I noticed there were clothes thrown about on the couch and floor then I heard a distinct noise come from my parent's bedroom. His car wasn't here and he wasn't expected to be back until Tuesday night.

It hit me that when I busted in it was right as he was cumming into my mom's mouth. So fine, you can use my car but for dates only, I'll agree to give a week but only for 3 months not 5. I was willing to stick it out for every last thing I asked for..bargaining but since I knew I would be getting sucked off by my mom she found a way to make me bend a little.

Wow I can't believe her but at the same time my dick is getting really hard. And even though I think I really should stand my ground and say no I'll suck your dick too. Don't ever ask me again and don't you ever tell another soul. "Agreed." I said trying to not show too much excitement.

I thought to myself, "Should I get my bat and just bust in the door then beat him up? I decided to get my hand gun and bust through the door like I'm there to save mom. " She tried the angry now and I knew it would come but after this wall I knew I would have her ready to comply and give me what I wanted.

Grabbed my gun, loaded the clip just in case I had to shoot him even though I hoped I didn't have to but one can't be too careful when waving a gun around. I headed back to my parent's room stood to the side visualizing my attack. All of it, the part about you sucking my dick is just an incentive to remain silent and I have to admit I really want you to suck my dick and swallow my cum like I caught you doing to Steve." "I'm not your sucking your dick. And your fucking sick for even asking me to suck and swallow you. I fully intended to push for it and I knew I would get it if I stayed put.

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As soon as he focused in on the gun he shot nearly straight up and back away from my mom falling off the other side of the bed. "You are not right for making your mother blow you.