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Validating data types

This may happen because when a product or application is build as per the specification but these specifications are not up to the mark hence they fail to address the user requirements.Validation is basically done by the testers during the testing. Incidents can also be of type ‘Question’ where the functionality is not clear to the tester.According to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) we can also define validation as The process of evaluating software during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified requirements. A product can pass while verification, as it is done on the paper and no running or functional application is required.But, when same points which were verified on the paper is actually developed then the running application or product can fail while validation.Conversely, the exports object returned from the module allows external Java Script to call into So in the general case, an module declaration looks like: These annotations serve two purposes: first, to provide the function's type signature so that the validator can enforce that all calls to the function are well-typed; second, to ensure that even if the function is exported and called by external Java Script, its arguments are dynamically coerced to the expected type.

Mozilla's Spider Monkey Java Script engine provides an optimizing implementation of this draft.

An module can also be given access to standard libraries and custom Java Script functions through linking.

An AOT implementation must perform certain dynamic checks to check compile-time assumptions about the linked libraries in order to make use of the compiled code.

As an example of integer arithmetic, addition can be performed by taking two integer values, adding them with the built-in addition operator, and coercing the result back to an integer via the bitwise or operator: This programming model is directly inspired by the techniques pioneered by the Emscripten and Mandreel compilers.

The sub-language is defined by a static type system that can be checked at Java Script parse time.

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However, it is possible to interact with recognized standard Java Script libraries and even custom dynamic Java Script functions.

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