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Excel is not updating calculations

Fortunately, there are a wide range of ways to fix this within Excel itself.In this post, I’ve gathered all the best tips to help you manage these large and bulky files.A large number of Excel users don’t even know this option is available – you can find it in the Formulas tab in the Excel ribbon, towards the end: While formula calculation is set to Manual, you can force a recalculation of the entire workbook by pressing the F9 key.If you only want to recalculate one sheet, then Shift F9 will calculate the currently selected sheet.Below are archived posts from the Mr Excel Message Board about Microsoft Excel VBA.You will find lots of tips and tutorials for using visual basic in Excel.Go to Conditional Formatting If you’re dealing with a large file in Excel, then you’ll eventually end up with a file that with lots of formulas that recalculate as you make changes.

I can think of a few ex-bosses of mine who would hate if I removed any formatting from files that we gave to our clients, but if it’s an internal working file, then avoid formatting it just to make it look pretty for you.

Be careful of using the Clear Formats options to do this – you’ll also strip out any date or currency formats from data which can be confusing (eg: Jan 1st 2016 will change to ‘42370’).

Formatting such as borders and highlighting are good examples to remove.

Excel has a “used range” for every sheet in your workbook, and the larger this is, the bigger the file size becomes.

For new files, the used range is only cell A1, but as you work through a file, it will increase to represent the rightmost column and furthest row that you’ve edited or formatted.

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If you don’t want to alter the contents of the workbook, try these options first.