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it makes sense that in order to make the i OS more complex and powerful they would make osx simpler and more like the i OS. Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (i Phone; U; CPU i Phone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) Apple Web Kit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7) I don't mind. I am a little bit disappointed that it still does not have any built-in TV tuner. Hang a FW400 external 400GB HD for about 0 total - case and HD - and you have your TV server.

Why would Apple do it when Elgato already has the perfect ultimate solution?

If you think it's so stupid, what do you propose as the smarter alternative? Look at how many job applications require resumes in MS Word format.

If you went as well, or have the videos, look at the video for session 115, "Using Core Location in i OS".

Skip to around for the discussion of "Course Cell Positioning" where they discuss the cache in detail. Normally, each cell tower has an identifier and Core Location sends that identifier to Apple and asks for the latitude and longitude for that tower.

The file is readable only by root and you're free to encrypt your backups for now. I had hoped you could download it in HD from Apple' website: D , and though it would take 44 days and nights, I'd be willing to do it... For 9 I will guess you would get a dvd, and a download streaming device for i TV. also, congrats to whiterabbit for 15 million points!

I'm sure Apple will either encrypt the file or truncate the data in a future update (I would prefer encryption as I think it's technically sound, but I know many will disagree). Yes they probably need to encrypt this to keep thieves and insane people from taking it from your phone but it's nothing that other cellular providers aren't doing with their phones, you just can't see it necessarily. But I think we're gonna have to do with something a bit less. I just want to read about it on MR, and see a more detailed and graphically advanced description of the products on a few hours later...:rolleyes: Built-in i Sights, now there's an idea! l1=10&l2=88&l3=367&model=1136&modelmenu=1) display which includes speakers and a webcam. 9: Core solo - 1.5 9: Core duo Yonah - 1.66 9: Core duo Yonah - 1.83 9: Core 2 duo Merom - low end (Not sure what that is) Won't happen, all Core Solos are now the same price as the 1.66 GHz Core2 Duo. But if you need a mac mini then you would have two dvd players.

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