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Free no credit card hook up sites

An amount of PKR 3663.00 has been charged to my Credit Card on Oct.29,2017. As they use UK domain and I live in UK, I simply thought it's UK company, but on my bank account detail says : RETAILER LOCATION : BEIJINGI emailed them which is the only contact they had. I am contacting UK online retail authorisation to take them down. To this date I still have not received my product but was charged .98.

I have no way to track my purchase (no tracking number) and so after reading all the other comments posted here I'm very confident this is a SCAM!!!!!

Jacques Noel [email protected] The name, jianian hy. LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR URGENT AND POSITIVE RESPONSE AN AMOUNT OF PKR 3663.00 HAS BEEN CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD ON OCT.29,2017 giving reference." GOOGLE *Tinder, GB "THIS IS AN UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTION, REQUIRES IMMEDIATE REVERSAL. please know what's the matter On Nov 23, 2017 I ordered fingerings from what I thought was the actual fingering site.

appears on my credit card, but when I try to locate it on Google, the name is not recognized. I want to cancel the so called "order," but can't, Can you help? LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR URGENT AND POSITIVE RESPONSE AIP*GZYULAN DS CO is a scam10th December 2017, I have purchased an outdoor jacket from their website : AIP*GZYULAN DS CO took money from my account and no products sent. Later after reviewing my confirmation realized that it was from this site "soon as store".


It's just used for sending bill statement by the seller's payment processor as a tool. The only thing that we had in common with our accounts was that we both purchased shoes from an online store called ‘’. Has anyone else purchased anything from this website?

the date off the order number 489 is 25 november 2017 And i have been charge 181.00$ canadian for 2 *BOSS *Souding Link Mini Bluetooth speaker II And i receive a pair off 5.00$ sunglass .

Code : 010938Please cancel and refund, your prompt reply is highly appreciated. Coles also offered a free gift from the same company. Com This Is a fraudelant website they charge ur credit card which shows up on your statement and you don't know who they are and never dealt with these bastards!!!! do not buy anything unless it paid for through paypal. tagsatl on your banking statement, call and get your card cancelled asap.. the website is have been charged a total of 4 payments.

Thank you.[email protected] I also received a charge on my account for “TCH Arizona, PC Deerfield, IL” after getting my TB test done at Walgreens Take care clinic. I was charged via this site from my credit card 1.00 (Aus) The only thing I can track it to is getting a free gift offered from my Woolies card. Two at 9.23 and 2 at 4.13 amounting to 7.92.

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The number associated was 888-802-3080 which in NOT AMAZON.