Are kalon and lindzi dating dating online temple

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Are kalon and lindzi dating

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Des seemed to appreciate it as well, but unfortunately neither Brandon nor Zak W got the group date rose because Ben stole the show with his one on one time where he got his first kiss.

Desiree decided to take Bryden out on a road trip for her second 1on1 date of the episode.

Later, Brandon was able to get some good one on one time with Desiree which I thought was sure to get him the rose.

Zak W also put in a wonderful one on one time, giving Des an antique journal that had yet to be written in so she can document their blossoming love.

This time got a little more dramatic when Ben stole Des away from Mike even though he already had the rose.

Although Mikey T wasn’t personally affected, I love that all the other men stood up against Ben and told him off.

That’s the kind of person Des seems to be looking for.He was sweet, heartfelt, and looking to the future.I love that he showed some depth that was clearly not there when he made his first appearance as the Ab Man.She was trying on beautiful wedding dresses and he was putting on goofy suits. It’s the 90th anniversary of the sign (cough, obligatory mention, cough) so they get to sit on one of the L’s and look out at Los Angeles as they share their first kiss. Later, they have the same date Kalon and Lindzi shared during last summer’s Bachelor Pad as they drive through a sketchy LA neighbourhood before “happening” on a bridge, romantic dinner, and private concert.At least they didn’t seem to notice the similarities as they danced, kissed, and laughed the night away. Dan, Juan Pablo, Zack K, Will, Brian, Kasey, Drew, James, Mikey T, Zak W, Nick, Michael G, Brandon, and Ben were all on the date.

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While in the hot tub they awkwardly looked at each other and commented on how they had fun multiple times before Des told him to “just kiss her already.” Was that because she felt awkward, or because she really wanted him to kiss her?

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