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and I realized that I was infatuated with the look.

So when you combine the "FDAU" acronym with my fetish for hot schoolgirls in sexy uniforms...

the idea for Face Down Ass Up University was formed. The shooting, editing, web development, content management, graphic design, customer service, and site updates are all done by me...

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Nay Mae loves stripping herself in front of a webcam, sucking her fingers and exposing her body to the world, but the thing she loves the most is making her hairy pussy so wet it barely manages not to explode, in every single way, just dripping cum all over the place and loving every sexual second.

She tries moving her silky fingers through her wet forest trying to find some oil.

Face Down Ass Up University educates and disciplines naughty schoolgirls and prepares them for a lifetime of lowered sexual inhibitions, through a faculty dedicated to making their mothers proud.

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To shorten it up, I would say to the girls and they would get into the pose.

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