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The foundation of our self-image is first developed during childhood and continues throughout life.If you have low self-worth, these earlier experiences have simply overshadowed you and have come to represent the sum total of who believe you are.So you focus on what you do wrong, and ignore what you do right.means that you distort the meanings you attach to what you experience - even if the experience is positive (so if someone compliments you on your appearance, you might think they meant that you must have been looking unattractive before, or that they didn't mean what they said and were just trying to be nice).A person suffering from low self esteem may feel constantly worthless, and feel completely helpless to do anything to make his or her life better.They often feel defeated to think they can change other people for the better, let alone themselves, hence their personalities are driven inward, rather than outward.Our experiences create a foundation for general conclusions about ourselves; judgements about ourselves as people. The Bottom Line is the negative view of the self that lies at the heart of low self-esteem.Because the Bottom Line is usually formed in childhood, it is usually biased and inaccurate, because it is based on a child's-eye view.

Regardless of whom you are, or where you have been, there is real hope for living a life of renewed purpose, meaning, and discovery. Lets first talk a little bit about low self worth and then discuss how you can find help, and what to do to find new life again.Two thinking biases contribute to low self-esteem: biased perception and biased interpretation.means that you are swift to spot anything that fits with your negative ideas about yourself, and you screen out anything that contradicts them.The problem with Rules for Living, however, is that, paradoxically, they also help to reinforce the Bottom Line.Self-esteem is best described as the degree to which we view our ‘worthiness’ as a person.

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