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Jj redick dating

Neither Redick nor Lopez had anything to do with its release. Lopez told me it was forwarded to her by Redick’s brother with another email that contained a “cartoon of a monkey eating fried chicken and a watermelon.” Lopez said she immediately deleted the cartoon because it was so upsetting.But at the point the abortion contract was made public, Redick had two options, be a man and accept culpability, or be a weasel and deny it. In this email, written to his attorney, Redick ironically uttered a racial epithet after worrying about a different one spewed by his brother-in-law: - See more at: In that document, he denied that he was the father.The agreement stated that, if Lopez could provide proof that she was pregnant and that she had an abortion, Redick and Lopez would “attempt to establish and maintain a social and/or dating relationship between themselves for a period of one year.”If Redick then decided to end the relationship, he was obligated to pay her ,000, the document shows.With Internet reports swirling about a 2007 document he and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez signed in which she said she had decided to have an abortion, J. Redick on Wednesday night broke his silence, saying Lopez had never been pregnant with a child fathered by him.In four posts on Twitter, Redick wrote:“I'd like to respond to the outrageous, false and malicious media reports regarding a prior relationship between myself and V Lopez in 2007-“Ms Lopez was not and has never been pregnant with a child fathered by me.“And Ms.In that case, Lopez alleged O'Neal harassed and cyberstalked her after she ended her five-year affair with O'Neal.

In the bio of a Twitter account that has since been deleted, Chelsea describes herself as “Pilates Instructor. Like when Maryland students passed around Redick’s cell phone number at bars.Or what happened in 2004: With Duke up by six at Maryland in the final minute, Redick waited at the free throw line between shots. J.” began, and as Redick took the pass, he raised his eyes, looked at the student section, and smirked.The contract stated the couple would attempt to ”maintain a social and/or dating relationship” for one year after the abortion, and if Redick reneged he would pay Lopez ,000. Having just endured humiliating worldwide exposure of what must have been the most painful experience of her life, she had to then endure Redick denying he was their baby’s father. Lopez is now writing a cathartic tell-all book, releasing additional information about events leading up to and after an abortion she says was cruelly coerced by Redick and his handlers.Redick and Lopez signed the abortion contract the morning of her abortion, September 13, 2007. On that point, Lopez gave me two emails as examples.

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In that affidavit, she said: “I became pregnant during that relationship and had no basis upon which to conclude that the father of the unborn child was Mr. Because I was emotionally attached to and spent a great deal of time in Mr. You can reach him via e-mail at [email protected] connect with him on Facebook at facebook.com/Joshua BRobbins.

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