Creative cheap dating ideas

Posted by / 15-Dec-2017 04:45

It’s surprisingly fun, affordable, and you may even win extra money for your honeymoon.

Teach the other how to do something they’ve never tried: the guitar, a new card game, how to bake an apple pie, just as a few examples. Grab tickets to a local college sports game (baseball, football, basketball).

Whether you're an outdoorsy kind of person or you prefer inside entertainment, there's something for everyone. Have a bonfire complete with marshmallows ready for toasting. It’s a nice way to get fresh air and feel like a kid again. Volunteer at an animal shelter and play with the pets.) 4. Plan a romantic dinner in for your fiance – cook, light candles, pour wine, and play romantic music in the background. Plan a patio date in the summer: barbecue, add beverages (wine, iced tea), and enjoy the warm air.

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