Dating someone equally yoked

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He also gave us a sexual nature, and sexual desires. But it is a powerful gift, and it can be abused or perverted. And until you find that person, abstinence won’t kill you.This was not just so that we would keep the human race going, but also because God wanted us to enjoy oneness with a life partner. In fact, it will release a lot of creative energy which you can apply to achieving in many areas of life. My wife Marilena has written something as advice to girls who would like to find the right partner! We all want to be loved, appreciated and have pleasure and fulfilment in our lives. Lots of people have now died of sexually transmitted diseases.

Perhaps you yourself have already been a victim of some of this. It hurts the children Children love to see that their parents love each other.

What they generally don’t show you is the heartache it causes.

In real life, practising adultery will bring a curse on you and generally it will cost you financially.

Adultery mean having a sexual relationship with somebody you are not married to, when either that person, you yourself or both of you are are married to someone else.

Adultery is tirelessly promoted in the world’s media. It is made to look so exciting, adventurous and fulfilling.

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It is expensive The people who really make money out of adultery are divorce lawyers.

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