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Handwriting, hand printing, initials, signatures & numbers are compared with known writings. He has a Master of Forensic Sciences degree from George Washington University, Washingtodn, D. He has worked document cases since May of 1975 and has worked private cases since his FBI retirement in 1989. Testified 100 times in criminal and civil matters in the US, England & Caribbean. Ask for a sample report from a prior case to learn how the results are presented. Master of Forensic Science; George Washington University. He has received specialized training from the NYPD, FBI and Secret Service and is certified by the ABFDE. Picciochi specializes in the examination of disputed signature problems.Alterations, anonymous writing, disguised writing, white out, fonts & medical records are examined in an effort to reveal the original intent of the document. Does the examiner speak in layman's or technical terms? Susan Abbey is a Board Certified Document Examiner by both the Board of Forensic Document Examiners & National Association of Document Examiners.(See also Handwriting Analysis) Document Examination Forensic experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Florida legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Florida.30 years experience as a Forensic Document Examiner and has testified in State and Federal courts. I conduct examinations and comparisons of handwriting numerals typewriting and mechanical impressions in order to establish if a document is authentic or non-authentic. Trained with the FBI and US Army.20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.Court Approved Expert Witness, Handwriting Analyst, Document Examiner, SCAN: Scientific Content Analysis, Certified Graphologist.

Knowledge gained from this procedure is limited to colored spots that are correlated to a calculated retardation factor (R).

The ability to distinguish different inks can be quite useful for several reasons.

Document alteration (e.g., at a date later than indicated) by writing with a pen of similar color but different dye composition is one specific example when ink differentiation is crucial in criminal cases.

Colorants are compounds that give ink the desired color and can include any or all of the following chemical classifications: pigments and/or acidic, basic, azoic, direct, disperse, reactive, and solvent dyes.

Colorants are often the focus of ink analysis because of their light-absorption and emission properties that can be detected by various analytical methods.

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Because of the small volume necessary for analysis, the remaining solution could be further processed using current law enforcement procedures for confirmation.

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